February 2022 Edition, Ask the Inspector!!

February 22, 2022

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Leigha- as inspectors, we hope we never find anything wrong with a home, but the truth is that no home is perfect. Luckily, all problems are fixable! Here are five of the most common defects we run into:
1. Water Damage
Water damage is one of the most frequent issues we identify. Improper grading, structural defects, or leaks from faulty appliances, moisture can lead to wall discoloration, ceiling damage, and even mold.
2. Drainage That’s Lacking
This issue goes hand-in-hand with water damage. Homes need proper grade sloping. Most homes are built with correct grading, but erosion and settlement can change the slope over time, leading to water intrusion. We look for dampness in the crawlspace, windows or doors that appear to be off-kilter, and signs of rot and mold, among other signs of damage. 
3. Roof Defects
Roof defects ranging from moderate to more severe are another common find of ours. Issues might be as simple as a worn or missing shingle here and there or as serious as an entire roof that hasn’t been installed correctly (luckily, this is rare!).
4. General Maintenance Issues
We always say a little routine maintenance can go a long way to making sure a home remains in its best condition. Unfortunately, issues that are the direct result of a past owner’s neglect are a top concern we see during inspections. Smaller tasks, like replacing any rotting deck boards, recaulking showers, and clearing gutters of debris can turn into more extensive problems if left unaddressed. 
5. Plumbing Problems 
During a home inspection, we test all faucets, drains, and toilets, checking for low water pressure, signs of leaks, and other common issues. In a home with multiple bathrooms on different floors, we often find a few areas in need of minor repair. These could range from a small leak under a sink to a more substantial one that has already done some damage to the ceiling in the floor below. 

Fire safety goes beyond having an evacuation plan and smoke detectors on every floor (though those are incredibly important). Here are other items to keep in mind:

Make sure your smoke detectors are working annually. Always have backup batteries on hand.

Have your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected by a professional annually.
Check your plugs and sockets and be sure that no outlets are overloaded.
Test carbon monoxide detectors annually, and have batteries on hand.
Buy a fire extinguisher or two. These range in price from around $20 to $50.
Check for dangerous lint buildup in your dryer vent.
Make sure heat-producing appliances are at least three feet from furniture and curtains.
Be sure oily rags and gasoline are stored safely in the garage or basement.
Get rid of general clutter that could catch fire or prevent you from exiting your home quickly.

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