People Would Rather Do Almost Anything Instead of Clean, According to One Survey

April 28, 2021

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Life is messy. And come springtime, many of us know we should be sweeping, washing, and scrubbing our way toward a fresher home. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, of course. According to a new survey conducted by the Consumer Insights team at Living Spaces, it’s what people would rather do than clean is especially interesting.

Does the sound of a dentist’s drill make you cringe? According to the survey of 464 people, 35 percent of respondents would choose a trip to the dentist for a teeth cleaning over partaking in spring cleaning. Other things people would rather do over scrubbing their home ’til the cows come home? 27 percent said they’d rather wake up early and run a mile for an entire week, while 26 percent said they’d rather give up alcohol for a month. Just under 20 percent said they’d rather give up Netflix for a month, while 15 percent said they’d even give up coffee for a month if it meant they didn’t have to clean.

Of course, some people live to declutter. You know the type; the ones who are eager to come over and help you overhaul your closet. That’s why decluttering came in as the most popular spring cleaning task, with 90 percent of respondents saying they plan on tackling that project. That was followed by 68 percent of respondents who said they plan on cleaning the floors, as well as 64 percent who plan to wipe down surfaces. 40 percent of respondents said they are actually going to rearrange furniture and decor during their spring cleaning tasks.

So what’s holding us back from tackling spring cleaning tasks this year? (You know, besides like… life.) 28 percent of respondents said it was simply too time-consuming. 26 percent said the motivation for a cleaner house in the springtime is lacking (relatable), while 25 percent said that a clean home simply doesn’t stay clean. Add in the desire to avoid physical effort, and you’ve got plenty of motivation to stay curled up on the couch in the fetal position.

As for who’s responsible for the piles of junk and disarray that crowds daily life, 36 percent of respondents said their children are the mess-makers of the family. 23 percent of respondents were willing to claim themselves as the cause of their messes, which those of us who live alone fully understand. 23 percent chose their spouse, while 12 percent said it was their furry friends who cause messes at home. Hey, pet hair does seem to multiply indefinitely. Only 6 percent went with visitors and guests.

The good part of overhauling your home, in addition to feeling like you accomplished something and being able to enjoy your humble abode, is being able to do something with some of the stuff you’re getting rid of. 85 percent of respondents said they plan on donating most of the items they’re getting rid of. Whether it’s sending bags of clothes to Goodwill or hitting your neighborhood’s “Free Stuff” page, it’s always great when someone finds use in something you don’t want anymore.


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